Business Studies Faculty Debating Forum – BFDF

Archived Content from July 2011:

Business studies Faculty Debating Forum – BFDF

Business studies Faculty Debating Forum
BFDF is the only debating forum of Business Studies Faculty in Rajshahi University which was formed on February 6, 2008 by some energetic, talented and up-to-date students of Business Studies Faculty. It is only a debating forum that is representing our Business studies Faculty to the others university in Bangladesh. It is totally a non-political forum wants to make us a perfect, logical and relevant person.

=>Philosophy of Creating BFDF

Debate is the best process to express something with more logically, confidently, and fascinatingly. Through debate we can reveal ourselves perfectly, uphold our culture and contribution in 1971. It makes us conscious, logical and perfect man. It makes us aware about the Corporate Social Responsibility of Business Studies students.

=>Activities OF BFDF

Every Tuesday we arrange practice debate session
We organize debate workshop
We organize debate competition
We always maintain a strong relation with others institutions debate forums.

=>Past One and Half Year’s Activities of BFDF

Inauguration Ceremony and Workshop on Debate: We formally started our journey on February 6, 2008 at Dean’s Complex Conference Room. There were around 140 students of Business Studies Faculty participated in the ‘Workshop on Debate’. Proshanto Bhuson Barua, Adjudicator, Cambridge Intervarsity & World Debate Council, was present with other distinguished guests.

Workshop on Debate and Presentation: We organized this workshop on April 10-11, 2008 at Dean’s Complex Conference Room. The number of participants was 120 from Business Studies Faculty of RU, Rajshahi Medical College, Ruet, IBA (RU) and so on. The countrywide popular debaters were present there.

Intra Faculty Inter Semester Debate Competition: After the successful workshop we organized this Competition on 19-24 April, 2008 at Rabindra Bhaban. Md. Shah Azam Shantanu (Associate Professor, Department of Marketing) was inaugurated the competition.

Ice Cool – Prothom Alo National Debate Championship: The most cherished dream was fulfilled when Md. Ashiqur Rahman (AIS – 11 Batch) of BFDF achieved the 1st place of the “Baroary” debate championship by defeating all debaters of others University of Bangladesh held on 25-26 July, 2008 in Dhaka.

1st Inter Club Baroary Debate Competition: Total 30 debaters from Business Studies Faculty (RU), Rajshahi Medical College, Ruet and Rajshahi College participated in this competition. BFDF is the first debating forum that was organized such kind of inter-club competition in Rajshahi by first- hand.

Roundtable Discussion with the Honorable Dean, Chairmen and Teachers: On October 28, 2008 we organized a roundtable discussion with the honorable dean of Business Studies Faculty, Chairmen of all the departments and other well wisher teachers from all the departments at Business Studies Faculty Teachers Lounge. All the honorable guests widely appreciated us for our achievements and successes. They give us valuable future directions.

1st Rajshahi Inter School Debate Competition: BFDF does not want to limit its working area in only the university level. We feel some responsibility to do something for debate in the root level. That’s why during the unscheduled closure of RU we introduced 1st Rajshahi Inter School Debate Competition. The future leaders of the country should learn from school level, it was the only object behind the program.

Career Planning Seminar & 1st Anniversary of BFDF

Business studies Faculty Debating Forum (BFDF) was officially formed on February 06, 2008. When it was time to celebrate our first anniversary in 2009, we decided to celebrate by not only enjoying but also doing something better for the general students. That’s why in the first time in the history of Rajshahi University such a Career Planning Seminar was arranged.

“ Career Planning Seminar & 1st Anniversary of BFDF”: was the title of the three day long Seminar. Three were total 14 career related seminars were presented where more than 1100 students participated from all the educational institutions of Rajshahi City. BFDF presented outstanding performances where all participants spontaneously attended in the seminar.

BFDF hopes to continue its journey by organizing such activities again and again. BFDF believes that as students of Business Studies, we should practice the debate and skill development activities from now. BFDF dreams that one day it will cross the national border of Bangladesh. BFDF believes this slogan – ‘First Deserve Then Desire’. Our only mission and vision is how best we can improve the quality and skills of the students. So, we always try to develop ourselves.
BFDF prays for blessing to all for going ahead.